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Glossy toenails with shellac nail polish

Shellac nail polish is a new nail product developed by Creative Nail Design (CND). It comprises of nail polish combined with an equal amount of gel. You apply the product just like a regular nail polish on your natural nails without filing or sculpting after which it is cured using UV lighting same way as Gels.

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10 Heart Nail Art Designs You'll Fall In Love With

Valentine's Day is all about love—it doesn't matter if you're single and loving your fresh nail art or celebrating with your person.

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The 2020 nail trends must to know now

The 2020 Nail Trends To Know Now — Including Color, Shape, & The Latest Launches. Ahead, every 2020 nail trend you need to know now, as predicted by industry experts

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Removing Gel Nail Polish without Damaging Your Nails

Need to get your gel nail polish off and don't have the time or patience to head to the salon. Do not worry, we have a good news for you. You can remove a gel manicure at home without going to the salon — and without damaging your nails. In the article below, nail experts will talk about how to remove your gel nail polish at home without totally wrecking your nails.

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